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Palace Garden Hotel and Resorts - Beijing, Beijing Area, 100094, China
  • 三层丽兹餐厅V1 B
  • 1430891154221

Food & Beverage

Palace Restaurant

We provide a variety of delicacies from around the world, such as palace breakfast, sushi which is extremely popular in Beijing, a perfect combination of Chinese and western meals, even charcoal burning seafood, cuisine whose cooking process is open and visible, and customized services. More creative delicacies and services will bring you more surprises.

Location: The third floor

Lounge Waterfall

With a decorative style of romantic love, and as a gathering place for fashionable people, the Lounge Waterfall serves as a sweet space and wonderful proposal place for people who are seeking for happiness, as well as a place where you can enjoy a peaceful time in the bustling city. It is a perfect place for you to take a leisurely life by tasting champagne, Hong Kong-style milk tea and palmier when meeting friends.

Location: the first floor